Everything in this page is based from ParkLife Cafe Harrow Weald, our community Tardis.

It is truly inspirational to discover so many like minded people, who see the value in transforming parks.  It is the actions of these people that are uplifting areas around parks and reaching into community life. 

Rather than blaming others for any problems in an area, we aim to find solutions and, where possible, to reduce any public costs with sensible research, conversation and action.

Breaking convention - not rules

None of our team of volunteers have worked within the community sector previously, yet enthusiastically as a bunch of strangers  we all work towards the same goals. 

The Goal

The priority is to have well-kept community orientated parks, which are clean and safe. 

The present reality

However, grants that are used to fund projects are sometimes discontinued, and often those beneficial projects are halted.  Also, lack of long term community involvement means that projects can fade away.

Community solutions

Fortunately, a great deal of community support and love comes into parks, and it is the community led initiatives that are so important to keep our community parks working.  Funds and longer term money is sometimes essential to bring the projects to fruition.

We are only human!

Everything we do is a work in progress.  We strive to create projects that link different community groups, with different interests, together, providing fun and education in non contentious ways.  

We test, we make mistakes, and try things differently to find solutions for the layers of expectations placed on small parks and community groups and the serious lack of meaningful and quality support..


Breaking everything down

Below is a brief outline of how our volunteers have organised themselves into functioning practical groups, that offer knowledge and support where needed.  



Responsible for the natural wellbeing of nature.


Improved cleanliness of a park has proven to be one of the key issues that people have responded to, however there is so much more to do! 


Regular free healthy sessions are already held in many parks, with active walking groups, Tia chi, yoga, self-defence sessions and cycling groups are also underway. Parks are a hive of activities and a great way to meet the neighbours.


Many people in the local community have an interest that spans both the parks and beyond the par gates. We are finding ways to create and maintain a safe and friendly environment with the aim of improving and finding solutions to any antisocial behaviour or crime in the area.


Each active year many community events are overseen, run and organised by volunteers in parks throughout the country, some groups more active than other.

Park groups need supporting to help to help take responsibility for organising everything involved in the events, including managing the health and safety and arranging the required documentation for holding these events.

Volunteers also need to be organised to take part in these events, as well as to create and plan new events. On occasion as many as 15 people are needed to run an event, if you can help and want to volunteer please get in touch.


Local issues and problems are more likely to be solved when all community groups work together, share information and share knowledge.

Our action group help to liaise with organisations and remove any obstacles that might upset community wellbeing. 

The Friends' group motto is that we walk round, we walk through, we walk over obstacles, using the strength of community cohesion, technology, and support.


The Harrow Weald park area is steeped in history, get in touch if you are interested in joining the history team

If you are interested in local history and would like to build an online resource for public use, based around parks, please let us know. If you have any pictures to share or any interesting facts about the area, we would be delighted to see and hear them.


Harnessing the powerful nature of opensource, and the community spirit this area of business creates. A Harrow user group set up to share free information and teach each other new skills. Subjects covered: all open source, Joomla, Wordpress, Virtuemart, wp.

Please contact us for more details.


This group provide the essential support needed to manage the administration functions of the charity. They help to coordinate schedules, licences, grants and liaise with the council and the public.

The important issues of safety and insurance, ensuring compliance requirements are met, and that figures are in order, is also part of this groups remit.

There is a growing need for further administration support and volunteers are very much welcomed.