Who? what? why?

We are a UK registered charity, that see's the benefit of taking responsibility for our local parks and areas, in partnership with the local authority.  The community efforts have helped to transform local parks into a vibrant area where people choose to spend their time.

From 2018 -2022 - we were involved with a park group, which operated as a constituted community group with a committee leading the our volunteer activities.

In 2020 The charity was formed to further our ideas of bringing different sections of the community together from beyond the park gates. 

Tomorrow's parks today!

Delays and obstacles saw December 2021 finally allowing us to hit the ground running with the of opening ParkLife Café, creating a strong foundation for our community plans.

The kindness we have been shown is humbling: The building was supplied unfit for purpose and together we worked around everything to open the doors with a  5 star rating.

It is extremely rare to be in a position where you can make positive change and one, we embrace with open arms. All trustees, team members and volunteers make things happen together.

You will read all over our website how we are using a convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike. 


Our Objectives ParkLife:

Ttransforming our parks, into a vibrant area where people choose to spend their time in a holistic way.

Rather than blaming others for any problems in an area, we aim to find solutions and, where possible, to reduce any public costs with sensible research, conversation and action.

To treat all people equally, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or political, religious or other associations. 

We bring different community members together with the local authority, voluntary and other organisations, in an effort to advance education and to provide facilities for recreation and leisure in the interest of social welfare.

Our objective is to create a happier area with the same social advantages for all. 


Parks make the very best community centres.

For the benefit of both the environment and park users, parks should be carbon neutral and kept free from plastic and general litter.  We believe that accessible drinking water and a safe environment should be for available for everyone to enjoy.

Parks can become an extension to our homes. Indeed, regular users feel at home in the park and enjoy the space and freedom it provides.

Parks provide open areas and facilities that offer opportunities to exercise, join in events, meet, and make friends, as well as being somewhere to relax and enjoy the environment.  Unfortunately, our parks often lack funding and become bogged down with bureaucracy.


Local residents interested in community and parks are at the heart of everything. 

These groups and our parks help by:

  • Joining up the dots between people and nature.
  • Improving health and well being.
  • Reducing social isolation.
  • Helping to encourage community cohesion.
  • Supporting the fauna and flora.
  • Educating people about our area and the natural environment.
  • Working for financial and environmental sustainability.
  • Providing a place to have fun and relax in. 
  • We are working towards creating carbon neutral, solar powered, plastic free parks, that are strengthened by a supporting hub of community groups.


Learning and training runs through everything we do. Our projects create trainee opportunities for gardeners and other useful skills that are needed around the park.

Our online projects create a perfect opportunity for participants to learn IT and online skills.

Projects are carried out under the guidance of people, from gardeners to IT professionals, who wish to share their knowledge, and provide a great starting point for increasing ability and skills. 


All welcome:

Everyone is welcome to get involved.  We can all enjoy the fruits of nature.

The aim is to create an open area catering for the needs of many people, by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share with the group.  A place to enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.


Great results:

Keeping the park in good order, beyond the Council's statutory duties, will help to result in less littering, anti social behaviour and graffiti.  Park users are encouraged to care and to take responsibility for their space in the longer term. 


Working with working with stakeholders:

Local Councils

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Local businesses 

Local residents

Community groups