Our fun community minded projects (UITC)

Unity in the community project is about caring and bringing people together by creating events to chill and chat in non-contentious ways.

These events are supported by some amazing and awesome people.

Mixing it up, breaking down barriers.

It’s not only about the chilling and chatting, it’s about inclusion, having a place you can leave your troubles at the door, getting people from all walks of life together, each project brings together people with different interests.

We are all from different religions, shades of skin and hold different ideas, but hold the same wishes for our lives, share the same area. Unity in the community is about coming together, to get to know others and helping others.

Spending quality time together is human welling in motion.  

It is quite hard to explain how this all works, we know that if people talk to each other amazing things happen, some people feel isolated, others have a hard time of things, unpaid carers deserve a break, people that are in vulnerable places in their lives should have a place to chill and feel safe, working people sometimes have it hard and need a break, people that have just moved to our area can meet other, it’s human welling in motion.

These events and supported by volunteers, nice people that share their time, artists musicians, magicians, holistic treatments and generally anyone that want to spend time with others, so get involved helping.

How do we do this:

We work with community organisations, local groups, Harrow Council, selected partners, volunteers, and helpers, to create a range of both organised and random unity in the community events. 

Community wellbeing in motion for all involved!

Busby clubs

Busby clubs are free events we organise with groups of people invited through our community partnerships to enable people to spend some quality time with others including a meal, light entertainment and a laugh in a relaxing space, each person is invited to leave their life's worries at the door and enter a world of chilling and chatting with others, without life’s stresses. We even catch the bill.

We are always looking for:

  • Guest chef's: We are looking for local Chefs for guest event appearances, if this is you and want to create something special for the locals get in touch.
  • Entertainers: If this is you and want to share something special for the locals get in touch
  • Musicians wanted: is this you? e are looking for people to spend a little time entertaining others at our busby clubs, these are small community events
  • Maybe you are a person that share some holistic services you provide. 
  • Maybe you could help to teach others quick and healthy food options.
  • Volunteers: help at various times. 

Off The Wall:

 A fun way to display and share local artists work, The ParkLife walls is adorned with local affordable art, which we change every two months and have a reason for a local happening meet new people and chat with the artists and of course to celebrate everything. 

A partnership with ParkLife Cafe and Harrow Art Society in conjunction with local independent artists from around Harrow and the wealds. If you are a local artist and want to get involved, please fill out this form 

Super Sundays: with breakfast NOT in bed snack chats is our monthly community catch up.

It’s quite simple we layout a light breakfast and invite people to share time together, it’s free.

Its one of the nicest things to do on a Sunday morning chilling in the park with other locals snacking on a light breakfast and coffee, chatting about the world around us.

Originally this was part of the regular community activities we held in our local park before Covid, it was fun and allowed us all to get to know each other.

As part of our unity in the community projects, we have expanded this to specific groups. This project resumes in late Jan 2023 with the first group already invited.  

History club

within all our areas, there is history, most people are interested once they know some information. Next to the Tardis there is a great World War 11 pill box in near perfect condition. Hundreds of if not thousands of people walked past it for years not knowing what it was until we told them, this spiked the interest.

It is this history we used to create a small extra income by knowing we all lived in orchards in the past, we asked locals to bring in their fallen apples and we create and sell great apple juice.  

Chain gang parties

Together we create: chain gang parties are about fund raising and small gathering of people on specific tasks to help raise money for our community activities. We all share Pizza, crepes, treats and time together.

Mitzvah day

Over the past 4 years we have created a morning of communities, often achieving great things together, one year in two hours, over 50 people enjoyed a breakfast and we saw over 80 hours of light maintenance done in our local park. In 2023 we saw cleaning Harrow Weald, a strip of land and an amazing 66 bags of litter picked.



Together we create!